Prep prep prep

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Incase you’ve ever wondered why it takes us ladies so long together ready for a night out…let me show you… I blame all the fake tanning!! Prep, prep and more prep 😉

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Sexy Stockings ;-)


I managed to get these sneaky pics today at work when nobody was looking….. I hope there are some red lingerie fans out there 😉 xx a href=”http://www.emmaglover.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/20120828-221344.jpg”>

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Bit more Leah Francis!


Well guys, my photos with Leah Francis seemed to get a very warm reception, SO I’ve got a few more for you!! Couple of cheeky Rosie snaps too!! And I even got Leah to give us all a FLASH!! Lol Enjoy xx

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Little bit of latex


Ok guys, these pics are just for my curiosity really. I quite like latex, and am thinking about theming my calendar like it this year??? Just wondered what you guys think xx

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