Holiday time

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As its such a miserable day today, here are a few of my sunny holiday snaps with Rosie Jones, India Reynolds and Daisy Watts to warm you all up 🙂

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The Hotshots Party


I travelled up to Manchester to attend the annual Hotshots party. All my fave girls were here and it was raising money for a good cause!! Enjoy some drunk pics! X

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Seaside Fun


As some of you guys may know, I went on holiday with Rosie this weekend to Camber Sands Caravan Park!! It was AWFUL! So we just had a drink or five! These pics arnt topless but they are FUNNY! I hope you like them x

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Bit more Leah Francis!


Well guys, my photos with Leah Francis seemed to get a very warm reception, SO I’ve got a few more for you!! Couple of cheeky Rosie snaps too!! And I even got Leah to give us all a FLASH!! Lol Enjoy xx

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Getting Ready


Everyone knows girls take ages getting ready for a night out….well thing is its sometimes more fun than the actual club!!! Here’s a few sneaky pics of me and the girls getting ready for some PARTY TIME!!! Xxx

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Bondage Tape….


Check out me Rosie and Stacey getting ready for our “bondage tape” shoot, you can see clothed and then “taped up” pics….. Let me know if you like them…xxx

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